Meeting Place:  Aldermen’s Chambers

City of Derby, City Hall

Elizabeth Street

Derby, CT 06418

Minutes of the Sterling Opera House Incorporators’ Meeting on January 10, 2008

Incorporators Present: Attorney Joseph Coppola, Corporation Counsel, Nicole Cignoli, Chair, Judith Augusta, and Beth Colette,

Incorporators Absent: Mayor Anthony Staffieri, Daniel Waleski, and John Asp

Meeting to Order – 7:05 p.m.

Roll Call

Review of the November 8, 2007 Meeting minutes

Beth Colette move to accept the minutes as written. Attorney Coppola seconded the motion. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.

Public Portion:

Bob McNamara, 2 McConney’s Grove, Derby CT – As the Sterling Opera House has been in the paper, would like to know when the project will start and how long it is anticipated to take? Attorney Coppola responded stating it has to be completed by December 2009. There are two issues. 1) Outline of lease or Request For Proposal that will have to go to bid, as it is a City owned property. Regardless of the fact that there is an interested party, The City of Derby must go through the RFP process. The lease/RFP gives parameters of the scope of the project and expectations. 2) No matter who succeeds in obtaining the project (the current interested party or a party unknown) the project will require 400 off-street parking and 100 on-street parking. The City of Derby has been investigating options and currently, if piece meal spots though the downtown, the City of Derby is short 340 spots.

Bob McNamara – second question – as he works for a historic, restoration company in Stratford, how can his employer be apprised on what is going on. Attorney Coppola said in the papers for one. Also, A) the City of Derby has $1 million from the State. There are some smaller projects that the City of Derby may or may not pursue and send out to bid separately from the larger project and to check the paper for any news or contact Patty Finn. B) Once the larger project lease/RFP is awarded to a tenant, there will not be any more State of Connecticut funding so after the RFP, any woodworking or specialized projects within the larger, awarded project, his employer will have to approach the tenant. Mr. McNamara was happy to hear that and is glad to see that progress is moving along.

Nicole Cignoli – A great idea but not sure it was placed in the correct place. Saw this week’s meeting agenda on the City of Derby Government website (right under the Mayor’s photo) and’s Webmaster said that the City Clerk asked it to be posted there. Confirmed with Attorney Coppola that this Group is not a City Board/entity. Nicole will close the loop with City Clerk that it was a great idea and that it should be placed on the Public Calendar, not City website and that I do that if it helps.

Executive Session began at 7:15 p.m.

1)      Discussion of Letter of Intent on the Sterling Opera House

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.


7:00      Meeting to Order

Roll Call

Review of the January 10, 2008 Meeting Minutes

7:15      Public Portion

7:30      Old Business

1)      Discussion of suggestions/ideas the Board of Aldermen should consider during RFP and tenant selection

2)      Create statement and determine who will present at the January 24th Board of Alderman Meeting

7:45      Executive Session

1)      Board of Directors Position or Function strategy discussion

Remaining Items to Address

2)      Membership Selection and Announcement

3)      Invitations and Letters to Board of Directors Candidates

4)      Review of Acceptance Letters

5)      Receipt of 501C3 application acceptance and approval.

6)      Article II. Powers and Duties. Section 1. Attorney Coppola will check statutes and an Accountant on how to administer this Section properly.

7)      Liability Insurance rider from City of Derby’s Insurance Provider

9:00      Meeting to Adjourn